Hunger 101

Hunger 101
Volunteer staffs the mock Social Services Office

Hunger 101 is a new presentation that GardenShare can offer to interested groups and organizations.

Hunger 101 is an interactive, role-playing exercise where most participants play the role of a head of household trying to get enough food for the family.  After figuring out the households budget for food, the participant can visit a grocery store, the social services office, and the food pantry in this quest for food.

The program takes about an hour and requires a minimum group size of fifteen, though it works better with larger groups, even up to fifty.  It is best suited to high school students, college students, and adults, but can be adapted slightly to work for middle school students.

Hunger 101 can work well for faith-based groups as part of a program on poverty issues.  It can also be brought to classrooms, work places, or other organizations.

It's an eye-opening experience that will spark interesting discussions about finding solutions to the problem of hunger in our midst.

If your group does not have time or capacity for Hunger 101, you can still welcome a GardenShare volunteer speaker for a short presentation about ourwork.

To inquire about Hunger 101 or a general GardenShare speaker for your group, contact us!


A sampling of comments from people who have taken part in a Hunger 101 workshop:

  • A significantly accurate depiction of the real situation
  • I liked how realistic it was with the scenarios given
  • It was engaging and thought-provoking.  It put me in the shoes of others and I liked how it opened my eyes to these issues
  • We had to slip into another person's shoes - made the exercise quite powerful and personal
  • Showed some the realities and frustrations of being poor
  • It was a fun activity that shed light on a serious topic!