Mobile Farmers Market Feasibility Study Released

Mobile Farmers Market Feasibility Study Released
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Overview of Findings

The Mobile Farmers Market Feasibility Study, made possible through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Local Food Promotion Program planning grant, has been completed and is available on the GardenShare website, along with a synopsis of the findings and recommendations moving forward.  Our sincere appreciation to Maria Corse, Deep Root Center; Flip Fillipi, CCE Harvest Kitchen; Lindsey Pashow, CCE Harvest New York; and Cherie Whitten, The Hub and Whitten Family Farms for serving on the Feasibility Study Steering Committee and helping guide our direction and focus. Also thanks to Carol Cady, St. Lawrence University, and student volunteer, Eliza Gillian for their GIS work and expertise. It will be extremely helpful as we determine how best to improve access to fresh, local food, for county residents living in our low access/low income census tracts.  Finally, thank you to Aviva Gold and CITEC Business Solutions for their consulting services, financial analysis, and authoring of the final report. While the findings did not find a mobile farmers market financially feasibility at this time, it was very helpful in assessing farmer interest in pursuing options for extending market reach into low-access areas, demand for local fresh food, customer preferences related to food type, and barriers that would need to be addressed for a mobile market to succeed in the future. We'll continue to explore the possibilities!