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Pat and April's Pork

Our pigs are home grown and fed a healthy, balanced diet, including corn, soy, and important vitamins and minerals.  We do not use growth-promoting antibiotics or hormones. Our pigs are raised in a pleasant environment that we’d be happy to show you.  Happy pigs make yummy pork. Also, try our beef and chicken humanely raised by us.  Available year round.

Contact Name
Patrick & April St.Onge

3145 NY-37
Fort Covington, NY 12937
United States

Hours & Days

Farmers Market: Potsdam, Malone

Retail location: Potsdam Coop, 1844 House, Big Spoon Kitchen


Pat and April's Pork

Pat and April's Pork
Pat and April's Pork

3145 NY-37, Fort Covington, NY 12937

Type: Farm