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Fun facts about eggplant::

  • Like tomatoes, eggplants are not actually vegetables they are technically berries
  • In Italy, eggplants were once known as “mala insana” which translates to crazy apple
  • Eggplant is rich source of dietary fibers, vitamins C, K and vitamins of the B group, and minerals such as copper, phosphorus and magnesium
  • In order to see if an eggplant is ripe, press the skin with your thumb, if the indentation disappears it is ready to eat!

Recipe: Eggplant Ragu

GardenShare Seeks Nominations for Award
Growing Community Award to be presented

Each year, GardenShare recognizes and individual or organization whose efforts strengthen food security in northern New York State. Past recipients have included farmers, food service staff, a food bank, community groups, and others.

September is Hunger Action Month (Fri, 2017-08-18) How will you get involved?

September is Hunger Action Month
Third Annual Fight Hunger 5K and Other Activities

Keep up with our blog (Sun, 2017-01-01) The GardenShare team provides regular updates on food issues in the North Country

 Interested in what's going on in the food world and how it connects to Northern New York?  The team at GardenShare will keep you up to date on food insecurity with regular posts on a blog.

GardenShare partners with United Way (Sun, 2017-01-01) GardenShare partners with United Way of Northern New York

 GardenShare is now a partner with the United Way of Northern New York.

This partnership will allow GardenShare to apply for funding through the United Way campaign.  To receive funding from United Way, the program must be unduplicated, meet a real need, show positive and specific results and have a positive effect on community health and well-being.

Sustainers Support GardenShare (Thu, 2013-06-13) Anyone can join GardenShare's Sustainers Circle to help build an equitable, sustainable regional food system.

GardenShare's Sustainers Circle is a group of individuals, businesses and organizations who commit to support GardenShare for three or more years.

As a small organization, we are very much at the mercy of economic instability, state and federal budget wrangling, and just plain difficult times. A commitment of support helps us plan ahead, and ensures that we'll have money in the bank to continue to run our flagship programs that help make our community a great place to find fresh, local food, regardless of income.

News Archive

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North Country Citation (Mon, 2011-05-23) SLU presented its 2011 North Country Citation to GardenShare's founder.
CSA Bonus Bucks (Mon, 2011-04-11) "CSA Bonus Bucks" make CSA affordable for people on limited incomes.
Healthy School Food (Tue, 2011-03-29) Voice your support for strong, new standards for healthy school meals.
Table Settings (Sun, 2011-02-27) Join us for a literary & musical celebration of food. BUY TICKETS.
Working Together to Fix School Food (Mon, 2011-02-14) GardenShare's program on school food attracted young and old.
Working Together to Fix School Food (Mon, 2011-01-24) A national advocate for healthy school food will speak on February 10 in Potsdam.
Associate Director (Wed, 2010-10-20) GardenShare seeks Associate Director
GardenShare's 2010 Award (Fri, 2010-09-24) GardenShare presents its 2010 Growing Community Award.
Office Manager (Sun, 2010-09-19) Job opening at GardenShare.