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Kimballs at Youth Summit (Thu, 2011-09-15) Mark & Kristin Kimball of Essex Farm are keynote speakers.
Food Day Youth Summit (Thu, 2011-08-25) A special GardenShare event for NNY high schools.
Local Food Guide (Fri, 2011-05-27) GardenShare's 2011 Local Food Guide is now available.
North Country Citation (Mon, 2011-05-23) SLU presented its 2011 North Country Citation to GardenShare's founder.
CSA Bonus Bucks (Mon, 2011-04-11) "CSA Bonus Bucks" make CSA affordable for people on limited incomes.
Healthy School Food (Tue, 2011-03-29) Voice your support for strong, new standards for healthy school meals.
Table Settings (Sun, 2011-02-27) Join us for a literary & musical celebration of food. BUY TICKETS.
Working Together to Fix School Food (Mon, 2011-02-14) GardenShare's program on school food attracted young and old.
Working Together to Fix School Food (Mon, 2011-01-24) A national advocate for healthy school food will speak on February 10 in Potsdam.
Associate Director (Wed, 2010-10-20) GardenShare seeks Associate Director