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Colton-Pierrepont & Parishville-Hopkinton

Backpack Programs of the Colton-Pierrepont and the Parishville-Hopkinton Central School Districts provide eligible students with food packets for weekends. Eligibility is decided by the school’s guidance counselor, though most students who qualify are already receiving free or reduced meals. These backpack programs benefit students from elementary through high school age in either school district.

Please direct your questions to either Heather Rousell via the email address listed, or the Parishville-Hopkinton Guidance office via the number below.

Contact Name
Heather Rousell

4921 NY-56
Colton, NY 13625
United States

(315) 265-4642

Colton-Pierrepont & Parishville-Hopkinton

Backpack program
Colton-Pierrepont & Parishville-Hopkinton

4921 NY-56, Colton, NY 13625

Type: Backpack Program