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Hopkinton Food Pantry

The pantry, located in the Town Hall, is open to all Hopkinton residents, which includes those residing in the townships of Hopkinton, Fort Jackson, and Nicholville. It is supported entirely by local community members' generous donations. Please bring your own containers for food and/or clothing. 


7 Church St
Hopkinton, NY 12965
United States

(315) 328-4168
Hours & Days

Open the second Friday of each month from 10:00am-12:00pm

Hopkinton Food Pantry

Hopkinton Food Pantry , Volunteer at Hopkinton Food Pantry , Canned goods at Hopkinton FP , Canned goods on shelves
Hopkinton Food Pantry

7 Church St, Hopkinton, NY 12965

Type: Food Pantry