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Newcombe's Maple Ridge

If we don't eat it we don't make it. The sweet taste of the old country. Products available year round.

Farmers Market: Canton, Ogdensburg

Retail Locations: Mack's Restaurant, Tru North, State Street Deli (Heuvelton, NY), Woodchop Shop, The Greater Chamber of Commerce (Ogdensburg, NY)

Contact Name
Linda Newcombe

462 Stevenson Rd
Rensselaer Falls, NY 13680
United States

(315) 276-5637
Hours & Days

Must call ahead


Newcombe's Maple Ridge

Maple Donuts, ground coffee, cinnamon sugar, syrup, fudge, and popcorn from Newcombe's Maple Ridge
Newcombe's Maple Ridge

462 Stevenson Rd, Rensselaer Falls, NY 13680

Type: Farm