Our Mission

GardenShare promotes a local food system that ensures food security for all St. Lawrence County residents. We do this by:

  • Connecting consumers and producers
  • Supporting equitable distribution of food resources
  • Removing barriers to access
  • Including stakeholders in decision making
  • Providing food justice education and advocacy
  • Engaging with community partners

Our Vision

Healthy Foods

The county has a vibrant, local food system where our food choices are healthy for us, for our communities, and for the environment.

Healthy Farms

Farmers are able to make a living that supports their families and contribute to a robust local economy.

Everybody Eats

Everyone in the County has access to enough nutritious and affordable food to sustain a healthy lifestyle.
a matrix of the gardenshare employees

Meet Our Staff

The day-to-day work of GardenShare is handled by a small, dedicated staff working closely with the Board of Directors and volunteer committees.

a matrix of headshots of the gardenshare board

Meet Our Board

Drawn from the local community and serving renewable three-year terms, Board members share GardenShare’s commitment to food, hunger, and farming issues.

Our Timeline