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November 2017 - Volunteers, AmeriCorps, market season windes down

October 2017 - Farmers markets, Fight Hunger 5K results, donor profile

September 2017 - Farmers markets, Hunger Action Month, Fight Hunger 5K

Late summer 2017 - Farmers markets, Fight Hunger 5K, AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers

August 2017 - Farmers markets, upcoming Fight Hunger 5k, volunteer opportunities

July 2017 - Farmers markets, dinner and auction sucess and thank you!

June 2017 - Farmers markets, volunteers, Hunger 101

May 2017 - Farmers markets opening, fundraising dinner and auction

Spring 2017 - Farmers Markets opening, Bonus Bucks, Local Food Guide, volunteers needed

April 2017 - Open House Invitation, park clean-ups, and more

March 2017 - Expanded Bonus Bucks Program, Local Food Guide, Trivia Night

February 2017 - In Defense of Food, Growing Community Award, Trivia Night

January 2017 - Growing Community Award, MLK Day

December 2016 - Growing Community Award, holiday volunteer opportunities, new faces

November 2016:  Farmers Market season wraps up, CCE recognizes GardenShare with award

October 2016: Fight Hunger 5K results, Farmers Markets still going

September 2016: Fight Hunger 5K, Farmers Markets

August 2016

E-news:   Farmers markets, CSA Bonus Bucks, Fight Hunger 5K

Paper news:  Hunger Action Month, SNAP at the Farmers Market, Volunteers, Fight Hunger 5K

 July 2016:  Farmers Market season, Volunteers needed

June 2016:  Farmers Markets open, Annual Dinner and Auction

May 2016:  CSA Bonus Bucks, Annual Dinner and Auction, SNAP at the farmers markets

April 2016:  SNAP at farmers markets, CSA Bonus Bucks, volunteer opportunities

February 2016:  Winterfest film, Local Food Guide, Trivia Night, CSA sign-up

January 2016:  Growing Community, Winterfest Film, Local Food Guide

December 2015:  Growing Community, Winterfest Film, Cabin Fever Trivia Night

October 2015:  Youth Summit and Fight Hunger 5K results

September 2015:  North Country Food Day Youth Summit, Just Eat It movie, Fight Hunger 5K

August 2015:  North Country Food Day Youth Summit, "Just Eat It" movie, farmers markets

June 2015:  Farmers markets, local food guide, youth summit, and annual dinner results!

April 2015 

e-news:  Changes, local food guide, bonus bucks

April 2015 print news:  Updated mission and vision

February 2015:  More from Gloria, Trivia Night, CSA Bonus Bucks

December 2014:  Growing Community Social, Annual dinner thanks

October 2014:  Thoughts from our new director

August 2014:  
Fed Up! at Cinema 10, the St. Lawrence County Community Food Security Assessment, the Co-op's Baking Fest to benefit GardenShare and more.

June 2014:  Swift support for Bonus Bucks, a chance to nominate someone for the Growing Community Award, a Youth Summit update, and more.

April 2014:  New farmers' markets, community support for GardenShare, community garden in Hopkinton and more!

February 2014:  Cafeteria Man Screening, Grower Workshops, What is a Food Policy Council, and more.

December 2013:  EBT sales nearly doubled over last year; Two SLC farmers' markets; Cafeteria Man screening, Trivia Night, and more!

October 2013:  Brian and Jenny Walker Growing Community Heros, Youth Summit, Harvest Social, and more.

August 2013:  Youth Summit: Registration is ON! Harvest Social Coming Soon, Farmers' Markets update, and more.

June 2013:  Youth Summit keynote speaker, Roger Doiron, Fresh Connect boosts EBT value, Pilot Project to bring healthy food to diabetes patients, and a lot more.

April 2013:  A preview of our Farmers' Market Promotion Program, CSA Bonus Bucks released, an invitation to receive our Local Food Guide, Town of Canton food sovereignty, some events and more.

February 2013:  Potsdam Indoor Winter Market, New Online Farmers' Market, Town of Canton Zoning, 2012 Annual Report, Cabin Fever Trivia, and Queen of the Sun.

December 2012:  Queen of the Sun at Canton Winterfest, Farmers' Market Gift Tokens, Share-a-Share, and more!

October 2012:  Carlton Doane to receive Growing Community Award, Harvest Social invite, GardenShare gets USDA grant and more!

August 2012:  SNAP incentive effective at the farmers' markets, a couple of new ways to donate, processing facility study complete, save the date for the Harvest Social, and more.

June 2012:  A look at Farm Bill resources, stretching EBT dollars at the Canton and Potsdam Farmers' Markets, and lots more.

April 2012:  Includes information about EBT at Farmers' Markets and CSA, how to get a Wholesale Success manual, a call for volunteers and more!

February 2012:  Includes information about a Farm Bill workshop, Small Farm Rising Screening, Local Food Guide Deadlines, Dig In!, NOFA-NY honors GardenShare, and a Wholesale Success Workshop for area growers. 

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